Saturday, May 23, 2015

Best scissors for deconstructing jeans

I'm a big fan of Fiskars spring loaded scissors. I use their Micro tip 5" blades instead of clippies for cutting thread at the sewing machine. I once had a customer that did a fake flat felled seam on boiled wool. Each pass with the sewing machine meant a trim on the seam, followed by another stitching line.  I got good at using them and can't sew without them now. They do get dull quicker than I would like them to.

At last year's Sewing Expo in Novi, MI I purchased the above spring loaded 7" heavy duty power shears from the Kai booth. I noticed them when I was saying hello to an amazing sewer, Rosebud. I meant them to replace the small 5" blades that I use, but their blunt tip makes this not a good trade off.  (I won a pair of Kai shears in the 2008 PFF and those things have never been dull.)  They are very heavy duty and perfect for deconstructing denim. I've got a system for taking them apart and with any other scissors, I'm in danger of cutting myself because they slip at the thick parts if I go too fast. These cut through the whole pant like butter.

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