Thursday, March 31, 2016

Words matter

I was born in the Seventies. Upcycled wasn't a word. Spell check still doesn't like it! So What am I doing? I want to say Recycled Denim Clothing. Where is the line between recycled and upcycled? I feel like upcycled started with adding elements to an existing garment, I've done this successfully and don't have a problem with the label in this instance.

But, what about the other garments I make? I like neat and finished garments, I've already adjusted this by putting the seams on the outside so it can be better determined that something is recycled. I like it, it was a good choice brought about by listening to what my customers were looking for in their clothing.

I completely deconstruct the jeans, make fabric, and then cut out and make new garments.

I am (now and for the past couple years) so very inspired by Natalie Chanin. I first found out about her work when I was looking for hand sewing books to share with a co op class. Its kinda ironic, because she is dedicated to preserving hand sewing techniques and I'm sewing by machine, as fast as I can.  I sometimes think I'm going to sew something by hand, but I get impatient and it never happens.
I've been looking for and found some information online to move my business to a more professional level.  It is all stuff I know.  I guess I'm really gonna have to listen now. No more hope marketing.
I'm getting off topic! Recycled is what I think I'm doing, but what do my potential customers think I'm doing? If they are going to find me, I need to use the proper terms. Its something that I'm working on.  Things take time around here. Four little boys take up a lot of my time.  It will happen a little slower than it should.  I'm getting ready to write down a business plan.