Friday, January 24, 2020

Refashion Runway Season Five: Statement Sleeves

The Entries are in for the First Challenge: Statement Sleeves. Go to The Renegade Seamstress to vote for your favorites!

I started out with a dress and Three Chambray Shirts, but I only used the dress and two of the shirts in my final garment.

This is what I made.

My week started out like this:

I managed to get focused on what I needed to do.

Then I got anxious to see how the shirt was going to turn out and didn't get any more video! I have a few photos to share and one more video about getting ready for next week. Go Vote!

See you soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Refashion Runway Season Five. I'm in!

The Renegade Seamstress is hosting Refashion Runway Season 5 and I'm a contestant! You can learn more about the other contestants here.

The first Challenge is due January 25 so check in and vote for your favorites!

Week One: Statement Sleeves
Week Two: 1970s
Week Three: Faux Fur
Week Four: Small to Large
Week Five: Southwest
Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The ReMakers #ReMade Challenge 2019

This year I participated in the ReMakers #ReMade Challenge. Sort of. I did about half of the challenges. 

I posted videos on my YouTube Channel.

I just applied to be a part of the Renegade Seamstress's Refashioned Runway Season 5. Wish me luck! If I don't make it I think I will follow along and do the challenges, so stop back when they announce the contestants on Jan. 11, 2020.

Here is a video from the challenge.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thread an Industrial Pfaff 563 Sewing Machine

I made a video about threading my Pfaff 563 by request. I also talk about the bobbin winder on the machine because that is what the question was initially about. I feel really bad because I ignored a request from the same person for quite a long time. I'm kind of embarrassed that I don't use it! I've always wound the bobbins on the domestic Pfaff because they share the same bobbins and even the bobbin cases are interchangeable. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sewing a swirl on my denim Market bag with my Industrial Pfaff 563.

So as much as this video did turn out, it isn't what I planned. I tried to do a whole tutorial. But it seems that my phone doesn't want to take long videos. Maybe it is the remote thing that starts and stops the video hands free. Anyway, its something I need to figure out. I also have to research how people get a good view of the sewing surface of the machine. I haven't found a spot with a good view that doesn't get in the way of the sewing. Forward march! Not giving up :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Replace an Invisible Zipper in a Dress

So again the tech isn't my strength. I had a glitch where the internal memory ran out before I was finished sewing the zipper into the dress. Its OK I have to get a better view of what I'm doing anyway.

Some links to the videos and the links I promised to share.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Affiliate links to supplies I used.
invisible zipper feet
similar to generic zipper foot I used

Saturday, May 5, 2018

How to Change the Needle in an Industrial Sewing Machine

In this video I show you how to change your needle in an Industrial Sewing Machine using my lockstitch Pfaff 563. It's important to note that all Industrial Machines do NOT use the same needles. You must do some research to figure out which ones will work in your Make and Model. You can support my efforts by using this affiliate link to purchase needles here. Used needles can be discarded with your recycling. I store mind in an envelope on my bulletin board until I have a small pile, then throw them in a tin can and recycle.