Friday, June 8, 2007

Choosing a Sewing Pattern

Several times I have been looking at patterns or shopping at Joann's or Handcock Fabric stores and seen someone picking out a pattern and fabric. The lack of imagination sometimes scares me. Some people can't see beyond the fabric choice on the pattern envelope. I have actually seen people buying the fabric that most closely resembles the one in the design on the envelope!

It is hard to be creative, I definately struggle with it. My experience viewing others creativity has definately helped me to grow. But I don't think I ever assumed that a pattern had to be made in the Fabric shown on the envelope.

Many patterns aren't as different as the pattern companies would lead you to believe, either. A elastic waist skirt is an elastic waist skirt. Don't get me wrong all patterns are not created equal! If you find a waist and hip that fits the way you like it, don't abandon it, be open to changing all that is below it. Changing a straight skirt to an A-line or adding ruffles isn't as difficult as you might think.

Keep your mind open, I'll try to get some of these things posted with pictures soon. Sort of a tutorial of sorts. Ahhhhhh, but we're gonna have to talk about my sewing books first! You can't venture into my wondeful world of sewing without a well stocked sewing book library. (OK so you can, but don't tell anyone!)

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