Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zipper Tutorial

Zipper Tutorial

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I mentioned earlier that I put in a zipper without basting or pinning. I decided to give it another try and post it here before my class tomorrow. I'm still very interested in what they will suggest.

First picture shows the unsewn seam and zipper.

I line it up and sew the first side.

Take a look at the first side.

Flip it over and measure for the other side.

Now the two sides are sewn.

I make sure the sides meet up and I sew along the seam line to just past the botton of the zipper.

I flip it over and start to do some pressing.

The outside of the skirt is ready to sew, in the picture it isn't perfect. I do my *best* work *at* the sewing machine.

I switch the zipper foot for the topstitching. Right to left. Ahhh! the joys of industrial machines!

I'm pleased with the result and the finished product!

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