Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do I really need to have a plan?

Occasionally I am finished with all my contract sewing work and I still feel like sewing. But, I don't feel like being creative. So... Do I have to have a plan?

I was feeling rather uninspired and didn't want to make any plans, so I looked at my pile of jeans and just started to play with it a little. Nothing I haven't done before, just strips.

5 pair of jeans

I love the way they look when they are finished, I did 3 separate pieces, from 5 pair of jeans.

Just playing around

Now when I'm ready to make something I'll have the hard work done and I can just work on the style of the finished product. These are smaller pieces, so I'm thinking some more totes/handbags for etsy....

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littlebird said...

Sometimes it's good to start a project even if you are not quite sure what the project is !