Saturday, April 4, 2009

Issues with Commercial Patterns

I just made some robes from this pattern. For a church ceremony.

Simplicity 4213
blog09 003

I only made view 1, and it had to be finished quickly so I didn't take pictures.

But here is the issue:
blog09 001

The bottom of the sleeve is drafted to be too small to fit the fold back hem. It is a simple fix, I extended the line so that the hem now will fold back easily.

The problem with this is that someone who can't see that this fix needs to be made will automatically assume that the problem is them and that they can't sew. The pattern overall was great, but this affects the final product. I understand how something like this could happen, whenever I need to make alterations to a pattern or something I'm working on, I have to step away so I can think about it. The pattern companies need to be more careful. This was a simple mistake, but has the potential to cause great frustrations. And frustrated sew*ers stop trying!

A good source for pattern reviews is here. I'm on it too.

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