Friday, June 10, 2011

Great things are happening!

Things have been busy around here! Along with an expanding family and some ongoing piece work, I've been offered a sewing educator position at the Richmond Aud. The Aud building is located in Richmond, MI and is run by the Regional Youth Complex, Inc.

I am thrilled with the opportunity to introduce and refine sewing skills in young people. There are MANY creative opportunities at the Aud building and the classroom setup is very open. Kids can drop in as long as I'm there and sew something of mine or make one of their own ideas. It is my job to help them be successful and keep the creative juices flowing. My duties will also include some costumes and alterations for the theatre program.

I started about 6 months ago after volunteering to sew costumes for a play. I had the opportunity to help with the selection of sewing machines (in spite of a limited budget we were able to purchase 4 excellent Janome Sewing Machines) and will be an important part of designing the program. This August after a brief closure of the building for new bathrooms, we will start up the program again. I enjoyed meeting and teaching the kids who came in to see me and I look forward to the new season with some new faces, ideas and enthusiasm.


Mary said...

Oh, Diane, what a great opportunity! HOpe it goes well!

Diane said...

It has been going great! The director has been rethinking some of the class structure and focusing on the early childhood programs, but I've done some costumes and alterations for Alladin and The Widzard of Oz! Fun!

Diane said...

lol Wizard!!