Monday, March 10, 2014

Trees, trees, Trees!

The youth theatre is doing "Into the Woods, Jr.". They have 4 shows with two casts. Everyone who tries out gets a part. That means about 50 children will get to be singing trees. I got to sew the trees!

Here is the inspiration:
I was able to modify an angel pattern to be A-line and put 1/4 circle panels in the side seams, the boys costumes have legs.
 The treetops cut and with ties.

 They have horsehair braid in the hems.

 43 Trees, only a few could share because they were full length.

Treetops painted.

Getting decorated.
 And I also made a dress for Cinderella last minute.
 The play is this weekend! I'll get final tree pics asap.
 Looking good!!

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