Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My scores for the 1/2 scale challenge

Yikes! I just got my 1/2 scale dressform, garments and scores back in the mail. OUCH! I really don't mind any of the scores about fashionable or creative. I don't feel especially strong in those areas. But the construction scores, 2.5 and 3, yup those sting a little. And I really don't get the comment. I don't ever want anything to look homemade, handmade? yes. But what does deconstructed mean? Should I have parts of the actual jeans in the finished garment? Like a button or raggedy hem? I like a neat, professional finished looking garment. Its a challenge I have in the reconstructed things I do make. When YOU purchase something recycled, do you want everyone to be able to tell when they look at it? Its why I started putting the seams on the outside. Sigh, I'll live. But I think my husband will tire of hearing about this tonight.

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