Saturday, November 24, 2007

NYC Nolita Market is a Bust!

Back from vacation
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But not because my clothing ever made it there! This whole thing totally fell apart right after I sent the stuff out, and I had to wait 2 1/2 months to get everything back.

Everything is back from a vacation in NY, fortunately perfect, just needs a fresh press and a hanger.

My things *were* taken to several stores in NYC.

On a positive note, the feedback I received was useful (and positive!), but the whole experience was a major irritation.

I learned the importance of knowing your target market. NYers are smaller (must be all that walking), and its important to have available what is appropriate for the current season.

I got positive feedback on my designs, refashions and ideas, just not exactly right for the season or the sizes.

Though, in my defense, it all happened very fast and I was under the impression that the stuff I hurried out (all inventory) on the 11th was going to be at the market on the 16th, so there wasn't much time for creating. Or picking and choosing. She saw what I had available and told me she wanted to give it a try at the market.

I find it a little funny actually because I was told there was too much color for fall, I just sorta fly by the seat of my pants right now, I don't have a line or a plan, and I am such a dull dresser!

This was all arranged by a mutual friend, I've never met the NYer. I understand a face to face is not always possible, but I will make things go slower next time. My patience was thoroughly snapped by this person. I would not consider doing business with her again even with the awareness I now have about the potential market in NYC.

What not to do if you enter into a business relationship:
-Do not have any contact with the person with whom you are doing business for 2 months, even though you have 2 phone numbers and 2 email addresses, and even if you didn't write them down they have been sent to you via email just in case you lost them.
-Make lame excuses about being busy when you finally do call (2 months later) because you are the only one who is busy.
-Do not let the person with whom you are doing business know when you send a package in the mail.

In my mind 2 weeks would have been rude, and the reason of being busy would have been irritating, but could have been excused. Waiting 2 months, its crazy! I didn't even care at that point, I knew I wasn't doing business again, I was just trying to be nice long enough to get everything back undamaged.

I'm mostly mad about the lack of email contact. If you are swamped you should still be able to find a couple minutes to honor your commitments via email.

I almost want to take it to Nolita Market myself! I would have never found out about it, except for this experience, and who know it could be fun!

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