Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sewing for Christine Jonson Again!

Christine Jonson
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I'm sure I've mentioned that I have worked for Christine Jonson. It all started, back in 1995, before she decided to do her pattern line. I did do some shows with her at the beginning of the pattern company, but I moved farther North and focused on sewing, while she concentrated on developing the Pattern Company and didn't have work for me.

Lucky for me, she has a show coming up and not enough time to do the sewing she needs done for it! I am having a great time sewing all of these beautiful fabrics into garments.

Most of the patterns I'm working on are new to me. Either she didn't do them at the store when I was a part of it, or they are brand new inventions altogether.

I've got to get these finished in a reasonable amount of time, but I plan to go over each of the patterns I'll be making and show off the finished garments.

So far I've made the Shirred Top #424(a new one for me), a line dress with a slash #930, Basewear II Skirt #1025, Swirl Skirt #419 and 2 one seam wraps #1117 ( both also new).

The only thing I'm sorry I won't be able to show you is how wonderful these fabrics are to work with.

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