Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Christine's Fishin' Hat

Christine asked for a hat like the one I have been wearing, mine is pretty goofy, but I'm getting known for them soooo...

The hat is made from a Kwik Sew pattern #2236 view B. And almost one old pair of blue jeans. I had to be creative to get the brim pieces out of the jeans, all but one of the hat panels was on the straight of grain. I didn't use a whole pair of jeans, but I used all I had left of this pair.

Hat and pattern

I made mine about 10 years ago when I knew much less about sewing than I know now and there were things I didn't really like about it, so I fixed it for Christine's.

The pattern asks you to sew all the pieces together and then finish with seam binding. Here is a pic of my old hat:
Old hat inside

I've never liked this, so this time I left a part of the panel open on the inside to turn everything thru:
Hat guts

My new hat inside looks like this:
New hat inside

I'm very pleased with the result.

Finished side view:
Christine's Fishin' Hat side view

Finished front view:
Christine's Fishin' Hat front view

The hat is cute, unfortunately I can't sell this particular style hat because it is made from a copyrighted pattern. I do think that the top of the hat is a little poofy, so if I did make a pattern of my own I would fix that. I think the hardest part will be to get the brim with the correct curve. I'll have to go to the mall and look at some hats see if I can't figure it all out and draft one myself!


BabyLyons said...

Very cute!

Beat Black said...

holy crap. i cant believe those pieces in the first picture became a hat!

i do sew but hats seem beyond me

Crafty Mama said...

What a great way to use those jeans with the holes in the knees. I agree about the seam binding. The pilled through version looks a lot cleaner.

Crafty Mama said...

I meant pulled not pilled. Oops!