Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 3: The Fashion Show, The Winners!: Saturday September 27, 2008, Baby Lock Passion for Fashion Challenge, American Sewing Expo, Novi, MI

The Final Day!

Saturday Time Line

3:00-5:00 Designers finish up garments and take models to dressing area behind the fashion stage. (Models must have their own make-up done and their hair needs to be up off their shoulders)

6:00 Kayla introduces judges. Then explains the contest and scenario. Then introduces the first designer (in alphabetical order) with their model.
-The designer stands on the stage by Kayla and the model walks down to the middle of the runway and stps, looks to the left at the photographer and waits for the photo, then continues down the rest of the runway and back up to the designer. Then both the designer and the model walk off the end of the runway together and go behind the stage.
-After the last designer and thier model have done the same as the rest, the judges will confer to pick the 6 finalists and...
-During that time, Kayla will announce the door prize winners
-Judges will then give Kayla the top six names
-Kayla will announce the 6 finalists and they will return to the stage with their models.
-Each judge may ask 2 questions only (10 questions total from all judges) and to different designers. (not2 questions to each designer)
-All designers, models and judges are to leave the fashion stage by the side.

7:00 Kayla will introduce Kenneth King and he will speak for 1/2 hour.
7:00 Kayla will announce that the dressforms that the designers used were generously provided to us by Prym-Dritz and thank everyone for coming this evening. Then announce the prizes.

All twelve designers won:
-An American Sewing Expo tote bag
-An Easy Zippers DVD from Islander Sewing Systems
-A DX8900 Professional Stream Iron from Rowenta
-3rd place winner will also win a Baby Lock Decorator's Choice Sewing Machine (Prizes valued over $1400.00
-2nd place winner will also win a Baby Lock Evolve Serger Machine (prizes valued over $2800.00)
-And the 1st place winner will also win a Dress Form from Prym Dritz, a trip to NYC from the American Sewing Expo and the Baby Lock Espire Sewing Machine from the Baby Lock Corporation (prizes valued at over $5700.00)

The 6 designers and their models will be asked to return to the stage and Kayla will announce the three non-winners, (and they will leave the stage by the side area) and then Kayla will announce the 3rd place winner up repeating her prize. Then repeat the 2nd and 1st prizes again (before announcing the winner) and then announce the 2nd place and 1st place Winners. Photos wil be taken with the top three contestants and the Baby Lock Dealer.

(There were some variations to the program but as far as I know the times are accurate)

I decided Friday night and Saturday morning that since I had enough fabric to redo the Jacket without puffy sleeves, 7 hours of sewing (8am to 3pm) was plenty of time to redo the jacket.

I got my muslin out again and this time was able to fix the shoulder slope. It just fell right into place on the dressform. I shortened the shoulder and opened up the neckline. Then I had to make the sleeve not puffy. I can't draft a sleeve really, its more about trial and error and then fudging to get what I want. Not something that I can do in one sitting, so back to the Pattermaking book. I saw how to make a normal sleeve puffy so I thought I'd just do it backwards. A little messy and time consuming, but it did end up working.


My cousin came to visit me again at lunchtime, I can't remember if I had the jacket started at this point, but she did get me thinking that it was time to get the stuff cut out and put together. I got the jacket in wearable condition just before we had to go and see the models for the final fitting at 3pm, but the flounce around the front and hem was sitting funny at the top and the sleeves were unfinished.

I was pleased with how well the skirt and top fit, but the jacket was too big. I knew I had to do something to it.

I made the scarf after returning to the arena, the Baby Lock Evolve Serger is pleasingly fast.

Someone, Kayla or Becky announced that it was quarter to five and suddenly I remembered that I was in a timed Contest. I realized I had to fix the too big top and finish the sleeves. That was the first time I felt rushed in the whole contest!

I put the elastic in the back to give the jacket some shape and managed to finish the hems and flounces in spite of the fact that the flounces were a bit too large. Just in time! It was a relief to finish the Challenge and just have to go thru the motions to see who won!

The fashion show went mostly like described above. And now what you've all been waiting for!!!

The third place winner:
Raminta Vilkiene, Livonia, MI
3rd Place:Raminta Vilkiene, Livonia, MI

The 2nd place winner:
Unfortunately I can't share any scenarios except my own because I couldn't hear backstage. Mine was: She works in a conservative office building and is going to a Gallery opening in the evening. The jacket is brown on one side and matches the skirt and the reverse is the bright color shown below.
2nd Place: Me!

The winner:
Angie Wolf, St. Joseph, MI
1st Place:Angie Wolf, St. Joseph, MI


Miriam said...

A belated congratulations Diane! This was really interesting to read. I really liked what you came up with, the reversible jacket was a clever idea.


Heather said...

Thank you for the post. I really enjoy reading your blog. Heather