Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tutorial: Thread a Bernina 950

This is how I thread my Bernina 950. This is a pic of mine, I added a thread stand after I bought it.

This is a view from the back. Right now the machine is threaded from the thread stand. If using cone thread and a thread stand, first the thread goes through the top of the stand, then the hook behind the thread post, then the hook behind the take up lever. If you are using a spool on the thread post, the only hook you use is the one behind the take up lever.

Another closer view of the hook behind the take up lever. And showing the thread going into the guide toward the front of the machine.
Back 2

The thread comes from the back on the right through the guide. Down and under the thread regulator, up through the take up lever, and down through the thread guide just above the needle, then through the needle.
Front 2

Hard to see, but it is important to note that the needle is inserted slightly off center. The eye should be facing between the 6 and 7 on a clock. The long groove is the front of the needle. Organ 16X231 BALL POINT Needles and Organ 16X231 SHARP Needles .
Needle Position

This is how the bobbin goes in the bobbin case. The thread rolls off over in the direction you see the thread going.
Bobbin Direction

Another look. Bobbin in case. Sorry its a little fuzzy, you get the idea...
Bobbin Direction 2

I hate winding bobbins in the middle of a project (thought you can with the Bernina 950)or unwinding bobbins for a new thread color. I bought 20 extra Bobbins as soon as I could find them. 

update September 24, 2017: I made a video!


Miriam said...

Hi there!

Your machine looks very well-loved, between the special additions and the signs of frequent use!

I don't know where your other post went, but I laughed when I read about "do not change factory tension settings!" Wouldn't you know, that was one of the first things I did 13 years ago on my very first machine, so I had to take it to the shop to be reset right away! I haven't touched it since.


Diane Sladowski said...

lol,Miriam! I took the post down because it was a RANT. I'll put it back up....

Miriam said...

Haha, nothing wrong with a good rant!

Unknown said...

Have you ever sewed with elastic thread with this machine? I got this machine a few months ago and still pretty new it!

Diane Sladowski said...

Hi Vanessa, I have used this machine on a wide variety of fabrics, but never with elastic thread! In fact, I've never sewn with elastic thread at all. Many years ago someone told me the stretch was in my fabric and the stitch, not the thread. But I assume the thread is for a fabric embellishment. Have you seen my other Bernina 950 post? Some good info in the comments.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
Thank you, thank you for posting this tutorial! I just purchased a 950 and am learning how to thread it.

Question: Just after threading through the 'take up lever' and before threading through the 'needle holder thread guide,' there is a horizontal 'wire' on the bottom edge of the machine with a groove behind it. Does the thread go behind the wire and rest in the groove? Or does it just on top of the wire before hooking the thread behind the needle holder thread guide? I can't tell from my manual, and I can't quite tell from your photo.

Thank you again!

Diane Sladowski said...

Welcome Julie :) This machine has been great in so many ways to me!

I had to get up and look at what you were talking about. I never saw that guide before! Mine was full of lint. So, my answer is use it. If you find the machine is being stubborn then go around it!

Let me know how it works out!

Sew with Lisa said...

I just purchased the Bernina 950 Industrial and it was working great brought it home and it will not pick up bobbin thread . I want to pull my hair out .lol
I have a Bernina 830 and am a big fan of Berninas

I just don't know what I am doing wrong
Any insight would be awesome

Thank You

Diane said...

Hi Lisa, have you changed the needle? It doesn't want to b straight forward,I think it's 5 o'clock?? Check your manual. also industrial needles don't have a flat spot for the back. The long groove is the front. I also thought quickly, is the bobbin in right? This machine goes in opposite of all the others. Let me know if I'm on to anything. I'll keep brainstorming!

Diane said...

I mean opposite of all MY other machines. It is my only Bernina!

Diane Sladowski said...

I made a video :)