Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week #1

We started our Organic farm share this week! I'm so excited I'm sharing here:)

The box:
week #1
We got a full share so its 2 boxes:
week #1

We also get an email telling us what our share contains:
"We did end up with some nice mini purplette bunchining onion. Some garlic scapes (see link for recipes), some Kale in the bunch. It may not be the type of kale you are used to seeing. I picked heirloom varieties yesterday. Kale is the new hot green this season. It's super good for you. It can be used in your smoothie, in a salad or it can be cooked like any green-treat just like you would spinach or chard. Lettuce we harvested some butterhead & romaine for you. If you ended up with a speckled romaine that's the way it's supposed to be. It's a red romaine called "freckles" the spots are meant to be there-it's not bad lol! Danny grabbed the radishes for you and then spent the rest of the day planting more seeds so that you will see your shares grow!" Plus we got 2 pints of fresh strawberries, YUM!!

My breakfast, our own farm fresh eggs with garlic scapes. Guess what I'm having tomorrow??
week #1

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