Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week #2

I love my farm share!

week #2

Words from the farm........
"As I mentioned above still a light week. Honestly that's not anything new for the beginning of the season. I do think that you will see an increase starting next week. Things are looking good, we needed some rain (getting some now!) and with the heat things are growing. The early heat has been hard of some of the early crops-the greens and lettuce really prefer temps in the 70's this 80 degree weather isn't what it prefers, but we are trying to keep the crop irragated to make it happy.

So this week you got some more lettuce-there was some red leaf,some romaine, and some butterhead harvested. If you ended up with a romaine that has spots on the leaves-please do not think it is bad. It's a type or red romaine called freckles and the spots are supposed to be there :)

It really was not in my plan to give you 2 bags of lettuce in these smaller shares, but I had no other green that was ready to harvest for you yesterday. It is important for me to give you what I have-and I have lettuce-SO lots of salads this week!

Garlic scapes & fresh garlic :)

Bunching Onions

Roma Tomatoes


week #2

I did not get garlic. I got peas!
We had delicious salads for dinner. I was too hungry to get a pic ;) Maybe next time.......


Mary said...

in the last picture, what is the curly green stem in the bottom left? I have never seen it before.

Diane said...

Hi Mary! Those are the garlic scapes. They are from the top of immature garlic.