Friday, April 13, 2012

Detroit Sewing Examiner

I am writing for as the Detroit Sewing Examiner.

You laugh? Yes, I see, you are skeptical because I don't write here often enough. Well, it is a different kind of writing there. This is personal and opinionated, it takes more effort. I think in my head as I'm composing there, "just the facts, ma'am". I'm going to try to be a good source of info for what is happening in the Metro area. I am well suited for the title because I'm pretty obsessed with sewing. I am not an expert, but I am knowledgeable.

I think it will be fun! Visit me there and if you think you could be the right person for Sewing Examiner in your area apply here and I might get a commission!

Oh! And I still plan on posting here, my mind is overflowing with ideas!!

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