Tuesday, April 3, 2012

F or my little seamster.

I just dug out my Pfaff Tiptronic 1171. She has been buried for quite a while.
Pfaff Tiptronic 1171
I bought her, in about 1999, because I needed a backup for when my other home Pfaff was getting serviced. I never liked this machine as much as my other Pfaff. She was never used by me for anything much and hardly used by the first owner. But, she needs a cleaning. Silly me to think I could pull her out and use her after all these years. I was gonna do it myself, but who am I kidding. Some day I'll do my own service, I think. I don't really want to pay for the cleaning/tune up, but I'd pay way more for a new machine, so its going in.

Look at what I noticed!
Pfaff tiptronic 1171
My new favorite part. Look at the arrow showing which direction to turn the knob. Love it.

oh yeah, my son wants to sew, this will be his machine. He sat on my lap for 4 years watching me sew. We picked up a junky little toy one, you should see his hands! I'm interested to see if its something he can do well and if he will really like it.

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