Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At the Rust Belt Market

I decided to try something new and go to the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale to sell my Reconstructed clothing.  I paid way back in April of this year, because I wanted to motivate myself.  It was a good thing I did, I would have chickened out otherwise.

Since I paid so early I accidentally scheduled it for the same weekend as the American Sewing Expo.  I needed my niece to help and was working around her schedule. Such is life, in the future I will pay better attention.

I only took a picture of the booth set up before it was open. The lights are off and the back isn't attached yet. When it was open I put some clothes on the back wall and some bags on the shelf. I recharged my camera and then forgot to take any pictures. I was even going to have one of me! Maybe that is why I forgot...

Selling my clothing takes me way out of my comfort zone.  I'm a happy sew er, for myself or others. I'm having tons of fun refashioning clothing, but I need feedback from customers.

I did OK at the Market. I made back my fee, plus a little extra.  I brought too much old stuff, and it detracted from the new really good stuff.  My booth was not as welcoming as it could have been.  I also needed more signage to let people know things were recycled.  Many browsers were surprised to find out.  I'm going to focus on for a while, it fits better into my life right now. Unless I get the chance to share some space at the Rust Belt.

I bought for my recycling clothing business, I think it has a neat ring to it. I also started a FB page, please like it there if you are inclined.

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