Friday, October 19, 2012

Cleaning and sorting

I'm kind of a pack rat. Shhhh!! if you know me in real life!  I'm moving all the sewing stuff out to the newly heated barn to make room for kids in the house.  I have way more stuff than I would like to admit, but I found some neat stuff in my notes too! Here is a poem I found. Silly, but it is a limerick!

I'm a girl who loves to sew,
I press the pedal and go!
I make some mistakes,
'cause that's what it takes
to learn all there is to know.

This is also why I have a hard time getting rid of things sometimes. Wanna know what else I found? My bank statements. Arranged neatly in a notebook from Dec. of 1989 till Sept. of 2000.  When did I meet my husband? Oct. of 2000. Heh! So its all his fault! 

The good news is I'm teaching sewing classes, all will benefit from my too much sewing stuff.  I'm glad I can supply so much to the eager learners.


Diane said...
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Zoe said...

Ahh what an awesome limerick! You should frame it and hang it above your sewing machine x