Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cute shoe pattern from Etsy

I got this cute shoe pattern from Etsy seller sewingwithme5 back in February, but the shoe I made turned out too short and weirdly wide. I thought it was the pattern because I thought I checked my print settings correctly.

I commented on a FB post by Erika and she said it was something she was going to watch. I was still sure I did it right, but I checked. Dang it, I didn't. The good news is now I *can* have slippers that fit! And I don't have to fuss with the pattern! 

So, I cut the correctly printed pattern out of some leftover sweater pieces, 6 year old flannel pieces from my nieces baby shower gift, and some non-slip fabric from a bin at the thrift store.

Now that is much better! I think I can use a smaller size now. My blanket stitch still needs work, but I'm very pleased with the pattern, it goes together really well!  I did put the opening to turn the shoe on the lining pieces instead of the exterior pieces. It just doesn't make sense to me to have it on the outside. Plus I can machine sew it if it is on the inside.

I think I might have to try another shoe... which one do you like??

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