Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great online community

Online Sewing Class

Am I the last person to hear about Craftsy?  They are an online community that offers video classes, workshops, patterns and projects. You pay a small fee (or try a free one) and you are able to permanently access the class. It can be viewed by you as often as needed, and you can save it until you have the time to work on the project. If you get stuck you can ask for help from the Instructor. They aren't just a sewing community, but have knitting, crochet and other craft choices. (but sewing is the important one, right?

I've taken a look at the Free Quick and Easy Bags course that the banner above leads to and so far watched half of it.  She does some things differently than I would (and the way she uses pins makes me cringe!) BUT, I have quite a bit of experience working with young and beginning sewers and I know she is trying to engage beginner sewersI firmly believe that successful projects are needed to grow skills and give new sewers the confidence to keep sewing. 

It IS a good first project and things can be refined later, when the desire for more knowledge starts to grow. 


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