Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Taking Better Product Photos

I've been working hard to improve many parts of my business. I even took the plunge and bought this. I am also doing the website building training. It is SO much info that I have a little bit of overwhelm going on. She says "How do you eat an elephant?, One bite at a time."
One of my biggest barriers to success is my product photos. My products do great in their brick and mortar locations, but online the photos are the single most important way for customers to view what they are looking to buy.
I made a couple purchases to increase my ability to take better pictures. I made my own little photo room. (affiliate links, thank you!)
First a backdrop. I use an old white sheet on the floor when I need to get a bigger view.
I sewed a casing in the piece I purchased, put it over the roll it came on and attached it to the ceiling with wire.

I also purchased a low cost kit with lights, stands and umbrellas. I did have to purchase brighter lights and they came with a diffuser, so I'm not using the umbrellas. I suggest you purchase the most expensive set up you can afford.

Photos can still be a struggle, but I think I have upped the quality with a small cost. Here is a photo of my unisex recycled patchwork poncho that is currently in the etsy shop.
Just so you know, I'm *not* good at photos. I only recently even got a smidgen of understanding about how lighting works. You can't sell online if you can't show your product in a good light. Watch videos on youtube, read a book on it. Get Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 and The Photoshop Elements 15 Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter) to go with it. Learn all you can, I am. It hurts my brain sometimes, but its worth it!

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