Friday, August 11, 2017

Recycled Denim Jacket with Circle Appliques

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 So, I've been recycling denim jeans for a while now. I'm working on creating a website, but for now the etsy shop will have to do. I'm selling in galleries and the response has been fantastic! I'm always looking for ways to make my denim more interesting and I stumbled upon the idea to add circles to my jacket and bags.

I started out cutting all the circles by hand, with a cardboard template and scissors, but you know that got old fast! Then I found these OLFA Rotary Circle Cutters and I thought I found what I needed to cut all of my circles! Nope. That too got old, and my fingers got sore. I tried many different hand held and automated cutters with frustrating results.

Finally, I tried GO! Baby Fabric Cutter . THIS was the equipment I was looking for. I still use the GO! Baby for the circles because I have two dies with various sizes, but as they get dull I will upgrade to the dies for the Accuquilt Studio Fabric Cutter.
Yup, I purchased the Studio Cutter. I had to! I use strip cutters with the Studio Cutter. It has enabled me to use up my scraps much more efficiently and cut down on the time I spend processing the jeans. 

I can get the GO! Baby to cut through two layers of denim and sometimes three if I stack it correctly. The Studio Cutter doesn't even notice four layers. I do have a Star Die and a small Flower Die for the Baby as well. They haven't gotten as much use yet, but I know they will. I also look forward to trying different styles as my business grows.

The Accuquilt website states "You may use the output (i.e., the cut shapes) resulting from the use of the die shapes Accuquilt licenses from third parties, as well as the output resulting from the use of Accuquilt proprietary die shapes, for any commercial or private purpose".  I LOVE this. Not only does the company acknowledge that their cut shapes are usable for any commercial or private purpose, they make it easy to find the information on their website.

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