Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013 is Free Class Day!

Have you had the opportunity to look at Craftsy yet? Today you can try out a class, up to a 39.99 value for free! This deal is open to new members only. I'm taking the Hand-Embelishing Knit Fabric Class and I am learning a lot! 

**edit November 30, 2013, the graphic in this ad updates with each new sale! If you see it here its still current ;) 


strawberry_kid said...

Thanks for posting this and the reminders, Diane. I love free stuff! I signed up, but the spindling class I want to take is not free right now. It's on sale, so I may sign up anyway.
~Julie Willcoxson Koeppel

Diane said...

Your welcome Julie! There are quite a few people who I just know would have fun with Craftsy! Thanks for signing up :)