Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recycling T shirts or is it Upcycling?

I've been recycling (or upcycling, I'm old so it sounds weird) T shirts for a number of years now.  My family keeps me busy so I don't do as much as I would like, same old story.  I've got ideas for many things and piles of T's. I wasn't able to get into the shop much this winter, we had to make room in the house for boys and heating the barn turned out to be too expensive if I couldn't find the time to make money out there. I'm not complaining really, I'm quite happy caring for boys, it's just that sewing has been something I DO for a long time.

I've also made some of these long t shirt skirts for me and they are so flowy and comfortable, I love them.
I put the t shirts on the bias and the skirt is a half circle.

I plan on making a tiered one next.  I'll try to get more pics of the making process.

I also made a shorter wrap one, I really like the way it turned out, but I don't like shorter skirts anymore.

Now that it is warmer, I hope to find time to work on more :)


Mimi Jackson said...

I would totally do a shorter one... and use concert t's!

Diane said...

Thanks Mimi! I keep my eyes peeled for the concert T's but they are definitely harder to get a hold of! Right now I'm using random printed and unprinted and trying to figure out what works best :)