Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tutorial: Make a shrug from a t shirt

I've still got hand sewing on the brain, but I wanted to make a shrug from a recycled/upcycled t shirt.

I did not do it by hand because I was into instant gratification

The first cut of the bodice is 13" from the neckline/shoulder.

 I cut a pleasing curve.
 I have a bin full of these hems.
 I also cut 1/2" strips for trimming.

 Sewing first strip.
 Second row.
 And the sleeves.
 These strips will develop more character with washing and wearing.


RB said...

Very cute! Luv the idea! TX for sharing!

Diane said...

Thank you!

Beal said...

The shrug looks great! I'm curious, though... what are you planning to do with your bin of t-shirt hems??

Diane said...

I'm still working on ideas, lol, but I use them for casings...waistlines, necklines, bags, etc.